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| Location of airport „Rosulje“ |       Click for the map of airport



     Future airport "Rosulje" will be situated around 5.5km southeast from center of Krusevac. Airport with its one side makes border with local road Parunovac-Pasjak, occupies territory of 40.39ha, and lies on altitude 235m, which means that runway will be on 60m altitude above the city center.


    Taking in consideration facts that on this location only 4-5 days are with fog and that wind resistance rose is 97%, we can conclude that  this is very convenient location for the airport. This kind of circumstances provide more safety and security air navigation. 


| Importance of airport „Rosulje“ |


       In a Government's decision it is confirmed general interest of airport constructing; this airport is a part of spatial plan of Republic of Serbia; it has approval from Ministry for Infrastructure.


     Constructing this kind of airport will mean more qualitative and safety activities of aero club "Mihajlo Zivic". In this moment, taking off and landing to a runway on existing airport "Kosijsko polje" is almost impossible due to construction of private and public objects nearby.


     One of main activity of aero club "Mihajlo Zivic" is forest protection from gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar), as well as protection from mosquitoes and ticks.


    Airport "Rosulje" would also have great importance in special circumstances with possibility for quick intervention in case of elementary disasters, and urgent medical intervention, and in case of epidemic.


     By dislocating aero club "Mihajlo Zivic" to a new location "Rosulje", the city could offer very attractive location on area of 50ha.

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